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MatrixGold  3.5

MG V35-02.jpg
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MatrixGold 3.5 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Gem

    • New Trillion Curved 2 - Equilateral Trillion

  • Hotkeys

    • Added 'All Prongs' option to set all prong parameters equal to the one selected in Prong On Surface command

    • Added hotkeys to the appropriate parameter strings

  • Prong On Surface

    • Added Mirror X option Added Mirror Y option

    • Added Mirror Z option

    • Added Preview Curves for all mirrors

  • Object ON Surface & Gem On Surface

    • Preview Curves will now draw when a Mirror is toggled.

  • Project

    • Added SubD to available selections

  • Add Profile To Library

    • Now works with Outside Ring Rails

  • Added Project Panel Legacy

    • New Horizontal Projects Panel inspired by Legacy Matrix Applications.

General Improvements:

  • UI:

    • Created and Added Missing Dynamic Command Builder Icons for:

      • Extrude Curve

      • Object On Curve

      • Gem On Curve

      • Gem List On Curve

      • Gem Between 2 Curves

      • Split Shank

      • Head

      • Text On Curve

      • Object On Surface

    • Added Preference to Show/Hide Username block of the Main Window

    • Updated UI to Add Contrast

    • Ribbon Bar Icons and Sizing have received updates

  • Tool:

    • Improved logic to obtain Shape/Placement of Channel Cutters for Gems with off-centered Culet points .

    • Added Profiles for the following Gems:

      • Emerald

      • Pear

      • Trillion

      • Triangle

    • Gem Map, Tech Report, and Gem Report should all list stones with Largest Dimension first.

    • Tapered Baguettes are now listed in same format as listings on

    • Gallery Rail and Under Bezel will now inform the user when bad geometry is made from girdle spacing or thickness.

    • Object On Curve has had its Command Line String updated

    • Polar Array has had its count limit increased from 30 to 50 in the Command Line

    • Head - Missing Straight Baguette Styles have been added

    • Custom Gem Builder - Pavillion String has been updated

  • Bug Fixes:

  • Unexpected ShutDown Files should now Open as Expected

  • Fixed commands not selecting Gems from Gem Report

  • Micro Prong Cutters

    • Updated Responsiveness of Mid VPCH
      Fixed Between gems toggle rotating cutters 180 degrees

    • Gem On Surface

      • Fixed issue where some gem shapes would not resize properly in command

    • Context Menu

      • GemOnCurve Down should now run properly

    • Animation Studio

      • Resume Animation no longer creates a duplicate, unneeded folder

    • Object On Surface

      • Default options for Mirroring now match Command Line & Dynamic Commands Panel

    • Fixed Error on Resetting Settings and Restart on Fresh Installation

    • Rendering

      • Fixed Scaling and Selecting RGB button in Rendering window

      • Fixed Default Diamond Material Rendering

      • Fixed memory leak related to GDI objects

      • Fixed 4k Alpha Scale​

    • Split Shank

      • Fixed Metal and Profile failing when Start Position is set to 1

      • Metal Start Position Handle has been fixed to update properly​

    • ​Ghost Conduit

      • Fixed for Invariant Culture Language Setting

    • Hotkeys

      • Prevented Rhino Hotkeys from running while in a MatrixGold Dynamic Command

    • Viewport Ring

      • Fixed Viewport Ring reappearing if the Preference is off

  • Uncategorized

    • Adjusted gvHead Console Prompts to Prevent Duplicate Parameters
      Adjusted Block Naming Conventions to prevent Console Errors
      Adjusted Port Logic to Improve Multiple Instancing
      Replaced PDF with Package
      Prevented Multiple Authentication Events
      Prevented Uneccessary Block Warnings on Startup
      Project Manager has received some consistency updates
      Content Manager has received some functionality and consistency updates
      Added Toast Notifications when applying materials in Render Studio
      Updated Osnap Rhinoceros Defaults
      Increased Stability when validating licenses
      Prongs now Default Mesh to False
      Auto Saves and Emergency Saves have receieved some added checks and recoveries, and now considers multiple workflows​

  • Rhino version:

    • This version is compatible with the last Rhino release 7.33 (there was a problem with the head and the bezel on some gems shapes on the version 7.32).

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MG V35-02.jpg
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