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MatrixGold  2.0

MatrixGold 2.0.19240.1001 Release Notes


Match Attributes

  • Select one or more objects to apply a Dynamic Commands attributes to, then select the Source Object. You are given a window showing each Dynamic Command applied to the Source Object, then select which attributes to copy. The attributes are then copied to each object specified.

Command Editor

  • Pressing CTRL + LEFT CLICK or CTRL + RIGHT CLICK on a Rhino Command shortcut in the Ribbon Bar brings up the Ribbon Command Editor, allowing you to modify or specify your own Rhino Command Script(s).

Ribbon Bar

  • Improved Ribbon Search now shows results in separate categories in addition to the combined view making searching for Commands faster than ever.

  • Dragging Ribbon Bar items off of the bar no longer breaks the Command.

  • Clicking a Command now allows you to use Rhino Shortcuts (Ex. F4 - Origin) without clicking to set focus.

Quick Command Additions

  • Group and Ungroup shortcuts added for managing Rhino Objects.

  • Hide Dynamic Commands added to hide Command Output geometry without deleting it from a Design.

  • Match Attributes added for easy access.

Context Menu

  • Now supports Curve object types

Project Actions

  • Added Full Save and Job Bag Columns

  • Added a section for Unexpected Shutdown saves

  • Increasing the height of the Project Actions panel will show the Full Saves on the left in a column, and the Job Bag Exports on the right.

Hot Keys

  • Function Hot Keys are now passed forward to Rhino, except for the F1 and F6 hotkeys which are bound to the Command Help and Context Menu.

Style Sheets

  • Additional Style Sheets were added for Dynamic Commands.

  • Updated the preview images and naming convention to be consistent.

  • Updated the image capture to capture the relevant geometry.

Render Materials

  • Diamond Render Material is now compatible with Rhino 6.16.

  • Render Materials are now present for each Layer in a new document; so materials can be adjusted in Render Studio without applying them to an object.


  • Fixed a bug causing the Layers UI Panel to be empty in some scenarios.

  • Layer Materials are now present when doing a File New.

  • Dynamic Commands will now add new geometry to common layers when the user has made those changes.

User Interface

  • Colors and Formats have been adjusted and made more consistent.

  • Quick Commands, Recent Commands, and Display Modes now properly adjust their spacing to give a uniform look regardless of Icon Size or Quantity.

Gem Mapping

  • Gem sizes now round to two digits for better clarity when using custom sizes.

  • Gem spacing has been improved.

  • Enhanced support for various gem shapes.

  • Gems that are placed directly above one another now appear populate side-by-side in the Gem Map.


  • Added automatic Hide functionality.

  • Refined the user controls based on customer feedback.

Micro Prong Cutters

  • General tweaks.


  • Unexpected Shutdown saves are no longer deleted during normal shutdown.

Bug Fixes

  • Improper Viewport Control Handle placement when dealing with tapered gem rows

  • Improper placement for middle gems when using tapered gem rows

  • Issues when changing Head base prong style to Cut to Point

  • Improper placement when adding Rhino Objects from the viewport to Objects on Surface

  • Incorrectly positioned end prongs in some situations

  • Flipped surfaces when using Bezel with tapered baguettes

  • Flipped surfaces when using meshed prongs in some situations

  • Gem Offset Curve corner blending issues when using emerald stones

  • Invalid geometry when using Head with emerald stones

  • Some Dynamic Commands don't respond to the gvHide command

  • Unreliable results when using the gvCenterObjects command

  • Invalid geometry when using some Profiles

  • Dynamic Commands not working when the language is set to German

  • Incorrect listings in the Context Menu

  • Typographical errors

  • Drag and drop issues with Quick Commands and Ribbon Bar

  • Dates not saving in Project Manager

  • Ribbon Search / Filtering not working as intended

  • Gems on Curve deforming Gem shapes when scaling

  • Saving a file with a viewport maximized causing viewport display problems

  • Group UI in Dynamic Commands stack not drawing correctly in the panel

  • Pearls not being able to be mirrored or arrayed

  • Loading Profile Placer was loading incorrect UI

  • Stretching the width of the start / end Profile caused Gems in Channel to crash

  • Errors with icons in builders due to string changes

  • Prevented crash in Micro Prong Cutters in certain situations

  • Command Line arguments not updating when changing categories

  • Unexpected Shutdown saves not working if a command is running

  • File > New prompting to Save when not necessary

  • Some Rhino commands were not being translated

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