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MatrixGold  2.4

MatrixGold 2.4.21061.1001 Release Notes


New Features and Improvements

Batch Render

  • Complete Batch Render UI Panel added giving flexible batch options.

  • Render using a Style, Files, Layers, Materials, and Views.

  • Render as JPG, BMP, or PNG.

  • Render using Alpha Material Options.

  • Render without Layers/Materials/Views like existing gvBatchRender command.

Render Studio Enhancements

  • Focal Blur feature added:

    • With the addition of focal blur control, you can choose a focal point for your render, and adjust the aperture value to control how quickly the focus falls off before or after the focal point.

  • Applying Render Styles is 10x faster than before.

  • Customer Render Styles can now be removed.

  • Custom HDR Map can now be added to Lighting, Reflection, and Backdrop:

    • When Selecting a custom HDR map, we now start at the Rhino Environments folder to make selecting those easier.

  • User Materials:

    • Users can now save modified copies of materials in the User Materials section.

    • User Materials act like any other Material recipe and can be applied similarly.

    • You can also still manually import a Material File and it will show in the User Materials going forward.

    • Custom Materials now have the option to modify the specific gravity to allow users to create custom alloys such as 22K gold.

  • Material Application – We have added a preference to allow you to keep your active selection in Rhino even after applying a material.

  • Improved the Look and Feel of the Material Application buttons to make it more obvious where to click to apply, add, or delete materials.

  • Render Passes are now more easily adjusted using a slider.

  • Improved Slider Limits for HSL, Strength, and Blend within Materials and the UI for each adjustment.

  • Added an Edit in Rhino button while editing a Material in MatrixGold, so advanced changes can be made if our UI does not expose a needed Rhino Option.

  • Changed Default Material from Rendered to Shaded when running Dynamic Commands (on new users).

  • Favorite Material Indicator is now an Upper-left Triangle, same color as before on Materials.

  • Favorite Material Indicators no longer show when in Favorites Only mode.

  • Toggling a Favorite Material should no longer scroll you to the top of all materials, only repopulating the Material Section your currently in.

  • User Materials can now be deleted from the Context Menu.

  • The Grid/List view toggle buttons in Materials are now mostly transparent, until you mouse into the Material grouping to make it easier to see the last material in the list.

  • Improved speed of switching Material Views from Favorites to Full List.

  • Modified Material Lists to hide Favorite Icons when viewing only Favorites.


Mesh Repair

  • Improved Default behavior of Mesh Repair.

Project Manager

  • Added multiple Views support to the Designs shown in each Project like Content Manager .

  • Time to Full Save to Job Bag has been reduced.

  • Added Options to control Job Bag Image Capture behavior to Preferences.

  • Overwrite Full Save / Export Job Bags Preferences.

Content Manager

  • Added logic to remember your last location within Collections.

Design Workflow

  • We have reduced the time it takes to open designs containing large numbers of materials.

  • We now removed unused materials when opening designs to improve performance.

  • We added a Preference to close the Context Menu whenever you click down in Rhino, this option is off by default.

Notification History Window

  • Now as toast messages are shown in MatrixGold, the entire session history is available in case you missed a notification, using the Notification History Window.

  • Click the icon in the lower-right hand corner of the MG Status Bar to view the History.


  • Added a hotkey to show the Rhino Window while launching MatrixGold, to help users having difficulty starting MG caused by a Rhino Issue.

  • Hold CTRL+SHIFT while starting MatrixGold to force the Rhino Window Visible while MatrixGold loads.


  • Modified Save As Menu Option to use Rhino Default Prompt for uniformity.

  • Disabled Render Preview Shading by default for running Dynamic Commands.

  • Removed minimum height restriction from UI Panels.

  • Removed Toast Notifications when individual Fonts are missing opening files from another PC, only 1 toast notification will be presented.

  • Tool Ribbon Search is now cleared when starting a New Design.

  • We have added the Color Bar to all color pickers withing Animation Studio and Render Studio.

  • We have removed a Debug Logging option and instead log all startup processes by default to make it easier to troubleshoot issues with support.

  • Whenever modifying text in any textbox, we now preselect existing text to make it easier to make changes.

  • Fixed distance between prongs on the Head 5 prongs option.

  • Allowance on Gems between 2 curves to go outside curve limits when using channel setting.

  • Allowance on the Head rail to go further down than the prongs.

  • Translations added for new strings on French, Korean, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent MG starting up when changing to a non-English language.

  • Fixed an issue where applying Materials would sometimes not work the first time.

  • Fixed issues with some prong layouts not working.

  • Fixed an issue with Alpha Transparency of renders on 4K or high DPI displays.

  • Fixed an issue with Alpha Transparency of renders when SafeFrame was active in Rhino.

  • Fixed Sorting Collections in Content Manager.

  • Fixed Project Timer real time discrepancies.

  • Fixed Legacy Import Wizard error when Profiles Path not specified for Profiles.

  • Fixed Metal Finishes not applying when Render Style is applied.

  • Fixed Render Safe Frame not showing when changing Render Resolution Preset.

  • Fixed an error caused by missing Display Modes on some PCs.

  • Fixed Layer Objects Not Selecting when Clicking on a Render Material.

  • Fixed Specific Gem Materials not applying or rendering correctly.

  • Fixed Default Values for Hex Tile Ground Plane.

  • Fixed Repeat and Rotation Values for some Ground Planes.

  • Fixed Tab Navigation Issues caused by pressing ENTER in Text Boxes within Render Studio.

  • Fixed Default Strength Values for Ground Planes.

  • Fixed Issues with Metal Finishes not applying as Expected, or Not being Selectable (i.e. Satin).

  • Fixed Slider Issues with Ground Planes (Reflectivity, Hue, Strength, etc.).

  • Fixed Camera Path capture bug and move camera target bug.

  • Fixed Ground plane materials losing their map file when adjusting Repeat.

  • Fixed Document Modified Issues, opening files should no longer cause MG to think the document has changed.

  • Fixed Focus Issues Causing Rhino to Repeat Commands.

  • Fixed Text Changes Not Updating Material Values.

  • Fixed an issue while Keystrokes were still passing to Rhino while Preferences Window was open.

  • Fixed Startup Issues caused by Event System URL being blocked.

  • Fixed List View in Materials Tab not having all Context Menu Options in Grid View.

  • Fixed missing Context Menu for Render Materials in List View.

  • Fixed Render Materials Layout so the material list does not scroll off the screen, making it easier to apply materials.

  • Fixed Reset Material not working in Render Materials in some scenarios.

  • Fixed a bug where doing File > New, then Render Materials, Save Material, would not save Material to User Materials correctly. (Black Preview).

  • Fixed a bug where saving a material to User Materials would not assign a unique Id, which could cause issues with existing materials and with favorites list.

  • Changed the Ribbon Bar SAVE AS and SAVE AS SMALL to use Rhino Save Dialog, rather than our custom save dialog. The allows users to save to paths other than the project path and have the next Save As command show the current directory correctly.

  • Profile Placer | When using a profile between two RR, moving off axis intersect fails and Y size is incorrect.

  • Selection changes from specific control point to entire geometry.

  • Gems list on curve starting point not working.

  • Fixed Tech Report not reporting accurate weight for stones other than diamonds.


MatrixGold 2.4.21063.1001 Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Job Bags Sorting out-of-order on some projects.

  • Fixed startup issue caused by corrupt project data files.

  • Fixed F8 Super Select Preference missing from Public Users.

  • Fixed Render Styles not finding some resources when applying a Style.

  • Fixed issues with some Render Styles not applying correctly.

  • Fixed bug preventing DELETE, D, and F keys from passing to Rhino.

MatrixGold 2.4.21075.2001 Release Notes



  • Added a preview of Rhino 7 to Rhinoceros Preferences, Rendering Disabled.

  • Fixed a bug causing Quick Commands to become disabled if Dragging Off and Cancelling the removal.

  • Fixed Super Select Hotkey Not Showing in Preferences

  • Fixed bug preventing DELETE, D, and F keys from passing into Rhino.


  • Added Delete Confirmation prompt to User Environments.

  • Added preference to remember the last Render Style used.

  • Fixed bug causing SPG to become 0 after resetting a material.

  • Fixed issue with Backdrop not updating when applying a Render Style.

  • Fixed Issue causing Gems to appear Transparent after rendering.

  • Fixed some system Render Environments showing as User Environments.

  • Fixed Rendering Style not always applying in Batch Render.

  • Fixed Issue with Rendering Styles not applying when same render style already applied.

Job Bags

  • Fixed a bug causing Job Bagging to fail on some files with many large objects.

  • Fixed Job Bag Sorting bug causing some Job Bag to appear out of order.

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