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MatrixGold  3.0

MatrixGold v3.0.22146.1001 Release Notes


New Tools:

  • Custom Gem Builder

  • MSR Gems

  • MSR Objects

  • Pull to Rail

  • Advanced Signet Ring

  • Proxy Gem

Updates and Improvements:

  • Updated Various Translations

  • Updated Splash Screen

  • Updated RhinoCommon to 7.14

  • Updated Mesh Repair

  • Updated Gem on Ring Rail Maximum Values

  • Updated Values for Gem Cutter, Under Bezel, Rope, Pipe, Bend, Shear, Twist, Pull Push, Micro Prong Cutter, Bail, Gallery Rail, and Channel Cutter

  • Improved Security

  • Improvements to Texture3D

  • Improvements to Outside Ring Rail

  • Added Additional Raytrace Diamond Material

  • Additional Metal Weights/Diamond Material Bug Fixes

  • Added Additional Logging for Support Assistance

  • Added MatrixGold Login Prompt + Security

  • Added Context Menu Translations

  • Fixed Issue(s) with Taper

  • Fixed Language Issue related to Gem Springs

  • Fixed Missing Display Modes

  • Fixed Legacy Import Edge Case Bug

  • Prevented Under-Menu Clicks (Display Modes)

  • UI Scaling and Resolution UX Updates, Minor Bug Fixes

  • Package Fixes/Updates

  • Small Preference Improvements

  • Prong Placer Improvements

  • Render Style + Rhino 7 Updates

MatrixGold v3.0.22179.1001 Release Notes

UI Adjustments:

  • Custom Gem UI panel

  • Collections videos URL updates

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for MSR handles

  • Fix for Smart Flow gems

  • Fix for Ring Rail region issues

  • Fix for crashing models when opening via certain workflows

  • Fix for material loading when using File > New

  • Fix for material weights

  • Fix for password security

  • Fix for missing VPCH/Gumball on certain tools

  • Fix for defaults overriding user set preferences

MatrixGold v3.0.22196.1001 Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix material for Rose Gold Reflectivity color.

  • Fix for UI Icon Size for Spanish Region OS.

  • Fix Rose Gold Materials to include Shine, Finish, and Specific Gravity adjustments.

  • Fix some material loading issues.

  • Resolved an issue where layer materials reset when Opening a file.

  • Resolved an issue where applying default materials creates duplicate materials in the document.

  • Resolved inconsistent default transparency values for Gem materials.

  • Resolved incorrect post-Render transparency values for Gem materials.

  • Fix for missing material tags.

  • Tags allow our materials to behave "correctly." The tags on some of our materials were missing.

  • Fix for Rose Gold/Tech Report interaction, where the Rose Gold material shows up in Tech Report but does not provide weight.

  • Fix for gumball textboxes.

  • Fix for MSR Objects (and possibly other tools that use the gvGumball,) using the Scale input box followed by the Rotate input box would cause the geometry to warp unexpectedly.


  • Improved load time for files that have thousands of materials (generally an issue with files from some legacy products).

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